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Cooking Matters AmeriCorps Member

Cooking Matters AmeriCorps Member

Posting Date: 7/24/2017 


The Cooking Matters AmeriCorps member will work with Gleaners Community Food Bank Cooking Matters staff to implement effective hands-on courses and tours teaching families at risk of hunger that healthy cooking can be delicious, enjoyable-and most important-affordable.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Program Coordination:

  • Work with chefs, nutrition educators and agency/site managers to implement courses and tours using Cooking Matters core curriculum and Cooking Matters at the Store curriculum.
  • Complete all preparations for class including, but not limited to, assembling and transporting equipment, materials, and groceries, and preparing volunteer staff.
  • Complete program evaluation and other program reporting documentation as necessary.
  • Participate in actively seeking out, working with, and maintaining positive relationships with agencies serving low-income clients to host Cooking Matters courses and tours.
  • Assist with the development of Cooking Matters outreach materials and handouts for Cooking Matters audience, as needed.

Volunteer Management and Training:

  • Provide volunteer instructors with training and materials needed to teach courses and tours and make sure they follow procedures and course guidelines. 
  • Support and manage volunteer instructors during class to make sure they have all required materials and communicate key messages.
  • Provide timely and consistent communications with volunteers.
  • Identify and participate in opportunities to recruit volunteers. Build relationships with chefs, dietitians, nutritionists and other potential volunteers to maintain enough trained instructors to reach course goals.
  • Provide recognition of volunteers.
  • Help with special events such as volunteer appreciation/recognition events.


  • Work with supervisor to set personal goals and follow the work plan created for the AmeriCorps National Direct Member.
    • Maintain a high level of working knowledge related to hunger, nutrition standards, regulations, and trends.
    • Collaborate with other Gleaners Community Food Bank departments, as necessary, to ensure high quality service to individuals within our network of agencies.
  • Ensure all necessary course reporting is in order in database and network resource center.
  • Complete additional reporting and communications contributions as required, which may include blog posts, newsletters, photographs, and volunteer and participant story gathering.
  • Submit timesheets in accordance with AmeriCorps and Share Our Strength guidelines.
  • Participate in national, state and other trainings as requested – some may require travel out of state.

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