Hunger Heroes School Challenge

October 01, 2018 - May 29, 2019

Your School Can Make A Difference!

The Hunger Heroes School Challenge is a fun and engaging way for students to fight hunger in our community. Each month, participating schools will be entered to compete in a friendly competition to collect the most meals per student. 

Though the economy is on the upswing, there are still people throughout Southeast Michigan struggling with hunger. One in six children in our community face food insecurity. With the help of our Hunger Heroes, Gleaners distributes more than 42 million pounds of food each year, while also working to nourish and educate almost 171,000 children through our Youth & Nutrition programs.

Making a difference is easy!

  • By asking every student to donate at least 4 pounds of food (about 4 cans) or $1, each student will provide 3 meals for a student in need.
  • Setting a food and fundraising goal is a great way to motivate people to donate. It provides a sense of accomplishment at the end of a drive and a reason to celebrate!
  • Get creative with how you raise food and funds! Hold a collection contest between grades, classrooms and even teachers. You could challenge another school to get in on the competition and have the “losing” school’s principal perform a dare. Have a community garage sale.
  • Foods we are most in need of: canned protein like chicken, salmon, tuna and canned fruit (preferably in water). These products are often too expensive for our clients to afford, so this food drive plays a key role in making sure food-insecure children and families receive nutritious meals.
  • Gleaners Community Food Bank has 5 locations  and a lean staff. We are happy to supply you with boxes, posters, stickers and other supplies to aid in your collection efforts, however, we welcome you  to pick up the supplies yourself. This helps us keep costs down and serve more people in our community.
  • Most importantly, the need is real, and your efforts will have a tremendous impact! Because of Gleaners’ buying power, each $1 raised buys 3 meals, which means a child can eat for a day. We are getting closer to closing the gap on food insecurity! Thank you for taking the first step on helping us end hunger.

Hunger Hero School Challenge Champions

Get Started

  1. Sign up your school 
  2. Download Food Drive Manuals:
    Our Manual For Elementary Schools or Manual For Middle and High Schools provides tips on planning your drive and creative ideas for making your drive a success.
  3. Promote the Food Drive: 
    Make your goal known to students, teachers, parents and staff! Increase awareness on hunger and nutrition in your school. Provide an in-school incentive for kids to bring food such as no homework for an evening, extra credit, or try to fill the Principal’s office with food. You can remind students about the food drive during morning announcements or in a school newsletter.

 Questions? Contact the Food Drives Team at