Host a Food or Fund Drive

What are food drives?

  • A food drive is an organized effort to collect non-perishable food items to be donated to Gleaners Community food bank.
  • Hosting a drive is easy and anyone can participate by simply bringing in non-perishable food items.
  • Food drives provide our partner agencies with a variety of greatly needed food items that go directly on their shelves to feed others. Every 4 pounds of donated food can provide 3 meals to a hungry neighbor!


What are fund drives?

  • You can host a fund drive by asking your friends, family, and coworkers to join in your effort to raise money for Gleaners to purchase food for our partner agencies.
  • Gleaners can leverage our industry relationships and bulk purchasing power to stretch every penny and buy more food per dollar than at your local grocery or warehouse stores. With every $1 donated, Gleaners can purchase 3 meals.
  • In addition, Gleaners often hosts matching campaigns when our generous sponsors agree to match dollar-for-dollar all money donated during that period. That means for every $1 you give, you will provide 6 meals for those in need.
  • You can help to raise money the traditional way by collecting cash or check donations, or online with a Virtual Food Drive.
  • Gleaners uses 94 cents of every dollar on food distribution and food programs. All donations are tax deductible.


How can I get involved?

  • You can host a food and/or fund drive at your place of business, school, church or with other groups.
  • We suggest you review one of our Food Drive Manuals (below) for tips on planning your drive for look at the supplies we can provide, and creative ideas for making your drive a success.


What can Gleaners do to help me?

  • Gleaners can provide you with a food drive coordinator to help you every step along the way.
  • Boxes, posters, stickers and other supplies are available to aid in your collection efforts.
  • Gleaners will pick up your non-perishable food donation over 250 pounds.
  • Five warehouse locations are available for you to pick up supplies or drop off your donations when you’re done.



Download Food Drive Manuals


To get started with a food drive, please contact Stephanie Melnick at or (313) 923-3535, ext. 270






Do you want to host a food drive but worry about where you will put all those cans?

Consider our Virtual Food Drive.  It’s a convenient, hassle free way to help with the click of a mouse.  Gleaners can help you organize a virtual food drive with fun point and click simplicity, similar to on-line shopping.

It’s simple:

  • No boxes of cans in your lobby!
  • Virtual Drives can be customized with your logo and messaging
  • You can distribute throughout your organization by e-mail for 100% participation and you will have your own URL to access your donation page.
  • Transactions can be completed in minutes and donors receive a receipt
  • It’s the greenest of all food drives – no transportation costs, boxes or waste!
  • It saves the food bank valuable resources – schedulers, boxes, gas, trucks, and drivers.
  • It allows Gleaners to purchase our most needed items

With Gleaners' bulk purchasing power and efficient distribution network we can provide 3 meals for every dollar donated when you shop with us.

If you would like to set up a Virtual Food Drive for your group, please contact Stephanie Melnick at or (313) 923-3535, ext. 270.

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