Hunger Heroes School Challenge

November 01, 2015 - May 31, 2016
2131 Beaufait, Detroit, MI 92804, United States,
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Your School Can Make A Difference!

The Hunger Heroes School Challenge is a fun and engaging way for students to fight hunger in our community.

School pride and competitive spirit extends beyond the schoolhouse walls. This is why Gleaners is calling upon area schools to channel their school spirit into activism by participating in the Challenge and registering to host a food or fund drive. Though the economy is on the upswing, there are still people in each county and city of southeast Michigan struggling with hunger, and nearly 30% of them are children. With the help of our Hunger Heroes, Gleaners distributes more than 34 million pounds of food each year, while also working to nourish and educate almost 145,000 children through our Youth & Nutrition programs.

Making a difference is easy!

  • By asking every student to donate at least 4 pounds of food (about 4 cans) or $1,
    each student will help to provide 3 meals for a student in need.
  • Become part of our Half-Ton Club by collecting at least 1,000 pounds of food.
  • Host a neighborhood food drive in your area. Leave a plastic bag at each house and
    come back the following week to pick up donations.
  • Adopt a SmartBites classroom by collecting nutritious foods like granola bars, trial
    mix, or fruit cups that Gleaners uses to fill these bags.
  • Feed a Classroom for a week or more! Every 100 pounds you raise will feed a fellow
    student for an entire month.

Each month, participating schools will be entered into the Hunger Heroes School Challenge. Schools compete for the top spot, in a friendly competition to collect the most meals per student. This year, the winning school each month will win a prize package from Emagine Entertainment. For more information contact Natalie Davidson, Food and Fund Drive Campaign Coordinator,, or 866-453-2637, ext. 207.

Gleaners Can Provide

  • A Food Drive coordinator can help you to plan and organize a successful drive including,
    helpful tips, creative ideas, and
  • A Food Drive Manual with lots of helpful hints on how to make your food drive a success
  • Boxes, posters, collection canisters, stickers and a video on hunger in our community
  • Web site links to educational materials on hunger and nutrition to be used in the
  • Opportunities for groups and individuals to volunteer at one of our five distribution center
    or four DTE Energy Farm gardens.


  • In addition to the prize, monthly winners will be listed below as 2015-2016 Hunger Hero
  • Schools that donate enough food to become a member of our Half-Ton Club, or those that
    collect enough to feed a classroom for a week, month or more, will receive a certificate in
    the mail to display at school. We will also feature our monthly honorees below, on the
    website, and in our Volunteer eNews.
  • Have a picture you would like us to share on our Facebook page? Send us the picture.
    Include the name of your school or group and any caption you’d like us to add. We will
    also need signed copies of our Photo Release Form for any minors in the photo. You can
    download a copy of the form below and scan completed copies back with your picture.

Getting Started

  • Sign up by contacting Natalie Davidson at
  • Recruit Your Team: Involve school leadership (PTA, Student Council, National Honor
    Society, etc.), parents, and teachers to help create momentum for the food drive.
  • Create a Plan: Choose the date and length of the food drive (one to two weeks is best),
    work with a Gleaners Food Drive coordinator to get the materials you need, identify
    collections sites and divide up tasks. Consider holding a food drive in non-holiday months
    when donated food is in short supply. 
  • Set Your Goals: And aim high! Whether your goal is 1,000 pounds, 500 meals, or to feed
    a classroom for a week, set your sights high. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to get
    1 dollar = 3 meals
    4 pounds = 3 meals
    1 dollar = 4 pounds
  • Promote the Food Drive: Make your goal known to students, teachers, parents and staff!
    Increase awareness on hunger and nutrition in your school. Provide an in-school incentive
    for kids to bring food such as no homework for an evening, extra credit, or try to fill the
    Principal’s office with food. You can remind students about the food drive during morning
    announcements or in a school newsletter.
  • Remind and Excite Participants: Whether your food drive is 4 days or 14 days, you need
    to keep the momentum going. Update students on the drive’s progress. Create a
    thermometer to track it visually.
  • Celebrate a Successful Food Drive: Be sure to communicate back to your school how
    much food and how many meals were collected, and celebrate the success!

2014-2015 Hunger Hero Champions:

October: University of Detroit Jesuit

November: Kennedy High School – JROTC

December: Brighton High School

January: Global Preparatory Academy

February: Thurston High School – Ladies of LEAD

March: International Academy West

April: Springfield Christian Academy

May: Deerfield Elementary