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Thank you for your thoughtful donation to Gleaners Community Food Bank. With the United Dairy Industry of Michigan matching your donation, every $10 provides 12 gallons of milk!  

We continually hear stories from parents that budgets are tight. Milk is one of the most requested items, yet rarely donated. Many kids are going without the nourishment they need to live happy, productive lives. With support like yours, Gleaners is reaching families with the milk they need to help kids learn, grow and play.

Thank you again for making a difference for our hungry neighbors.

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Gerald F. Brisson

A receipt of your generous donation will be emailed to you shortly. Thank you!

*Gleaners is a 501[c][3] organization.
Your donation is 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law; you received no goods or services from this contribution.

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