Offering a range of nutritious food items at unbeatable prices—from milk, eggs, cheese, and fresh produce, to canned and dry goods, frozen meats, and gourmet soups—My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery is a weekly pop-up market bringing quality, affordable food to communities like yours across Metro Detroit.


Save More

What would you do with 40% more money in your pocket?  At My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery, we care about stretching your food dollars further so you can do more. Come shop with us!  We accept cash, debit and EBT!




My Mobile Money


Save every week with our unique loyalty program: My Mobile Money! For every dollar you spend on milk, eggs, juice, or produce at My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery, you’ll earn that same dollar amount towards your next purchase of milk, eggs, juice or produce. That means more FREE fruits and vegetables for you and your family. Learn more about how you can earn and redeem My Mobile Money here


What Can I Buy?


Shop Mobile Grocery for your weekly food staples and much more. Our pop-up market sells fresh produce, meat, canned goods, dairy items, Meal Bag recipe kits, cereals, condiments and baking spices, and more. Check out our sample shopping list and shopping catalog for specific items we have available for sale!

*Produce offerings vary week-to-week depending on season and availability.

Nutrition Resources


Looking for something to do with those sweet potatoes you bought? Can't quite figure out how to cook a butternut squash? We've got you covered! Find great resources on healthy eating and nutrition for you and the people you care about here .



Frequently Asked Questions


Didn't find what you were looking for? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions . If you still have questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at .



Thank you to the American Heart Association!


Special thanks to the American Heart Association for being a proud supporter of My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery!



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Special thanks to PepsiCo for being a proud supporter of My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery!




“I love it. It's just like going to the grocery store only the prices are much better, a lot better. And as a senior I can't always go out so this is a blessing for me....I love everything. I've been coming down ever since they started coming.” – Francena G., Woodbridge

“I like fact that they bring the produce here because we don't have anything close where people who don't drive can get the produce and stuff. I appreciate the fact that they have fresh produce. The convenience of it is very appreciated. And the prices are pretty good - VERY reasonable.” – Diana, Woodbridge

“I'm a single mom of three so being able to come here saves me money, saves me time, saves me effort. Saves me a lot of different things. Also, while it's not cash you can hold, having the mobile money so next time I come I have some extra money is a benefit for me because sometimes there's weeks where I have less money than this week, you know, where this bill needs to be paid and then they can't get what they want in some areas so it's nice having it there that week. So for me it was a great experience all around.” – Tina S., Kramer

”I was a little apprehensive at first, I'd never done mobile grocery like this and I've been coming now almost every week for the last month or so. And I really like it! I was really impressed with the produce and I like the convenience. And I'm single so it's like I don't always eat everything if I go to the store and you buy a bunch of stuff so it's real nice that I can come here and just get a few things and then it doesn't go bad before I've had a chance to eat it.” – Summer L., Kramer

"Everything you all do is great. I come in here and I get a little something every week. I don't have a car so this is really good for me. I get my fruit and stuff every week." – Lloyd A., Piquette

"The mobile grocery guys are fantastic. I love it. I don't have a car so it helps me out tremendously so I really appreciate it. So thank you guys!" – Stacey H., Piquette

“To me this program is a life saver for a lot of people in the neighborhood. I'm looking collectively at our school population, and you know there a lot of families who don't have cars so it makes it extremely convenient. I think the prices are reasonable. I think that the quality is fabulous. So all in all I think that it's a wonderful option.” – Dorrian M., Siersma

“Love it. Absolutely love it. It's really easy, really nice. Just come in...I normally come in 15 minutes before the end and I still get everything I need....The produce is really what we come mom actually raves about the corn get every time we come here. She says it better than anything that she's bought in the stores. We get four bunches of it every time we come cause we eat it all week long.” – Stephanie B., Siersma

“I really like the program because three times a month I come down here and get my groceries so it's pretty good. I like the discount prices and everyone is friendly so it's really wonderful....[The selection] is wonderful. I really like the selection. I usually go to Walmart but we just go twice a month [on the bus provided by Lexington]. So in between those times I come here and get what I need.” – Carol B., Lexington

“The program is very lovely. They have products that you use and you don't have to go to the supermarket to get them. You can get them right here at the senior citizen complex.” – Dwight B., Lexington