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534 soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, disaster relief agencies and other nonprofit organizations rely on food from Gleaners to meet their clients’ needs. Whether they serve 30 families or 30,000, all of our partner agencies can count on Gleaners as a reliable source of a range of food products, including dry food like pasta and cereal, canned foods, fresh or frozen meats and produce - even household products like paper towels, cleaning supplies and body care products.

Gleaners distributes more than two-thirds of the food to our partner agencies at no charge. For some food, our partner agencies contribute a shared maintenance fee of 18 cents per pound, which helps cover the costs of handling. Gleaners also works with our partners to ensure they meet health standards for storing and handling the food received and to help them learn and apply appropriate, cost-effective methods for safe food service handling and distribution.

If your organization is interested in becoming a Gleaners partner agency, click here to complete our Membership Inquiry form.  For more information, please contact Mollie Grierson at mgrierson@gcfb.org or (313) 308-0626, ext. 286

Member Agency Downloads:

Civil Rights Training

Civil Rights Training is mandated by the Michigan Department of Education, and is a requirement for all agencies receiving Federal financial and/or commodity assistance. All staff and volunteers interacting with applicants, participants or front line staff (even if infrequently) must receive training. This training should first occur during each individual’s orientation to the program, then on an annual basis. Partner agencies are responsible for making sure their staff and volunteers take this training, and for record keeping of their results sheet.

Click here to find the Civil Rights Online Training. 

Food Safety Credentials

All partner agencies must have at least one certified/licensed food handler present on-site at all times when food is being received, prepared or served as required by law. Please remember to renew your Food Safety Certificate and provide Gleaners with a copy.

Soup Kitchens and other snack or meal programs will be required to show proof of a current “ServSafe” style, managerial level, Food Handler’s Certification. Food Pantries will be required to show proof of a current Food Safety Certification. Click here to find the link to the ServSafe website. Click here for the Michigan Food Handler Classes website. Rock City Food Safety also offers classes in person.

All certifications require a fee which differs depending on the class provider. 

Apply to become a Gleaners Member Agency

 Is your organization interested in becoming a Gleaners Member Agency?

Gleaners accepts new Member Agency applications between the months of April and August.

 Getting Started:

  • Complete the Membership Inquiry Form and submit to Gleaners along with a copy of your 501(c)3 letter from the IRS, demonstrating your tax-exempt status.
  • Gleaners Agency Relations Department staff will follow up with you for an initial conversation around your Inquiry Form.
  • Submit completed Application along with the $75 application fee to Gleaners.
  • Once Agency Relations staff reviews your Application and finds it complete, an initial site visit will be scheduled to review the location where your program stores and distributes food.
  • Should your agency be approved, you will be invited to a New Member Orientation, after which you may begin placing orders!

 Gleaners reviews the following elements during the new member agency application process:

  • An agency mission that is in line with the Gleaners mission and vision
  • Successful completion of the application and site visit
  • Agency’s experience in and knowledge of the community
  • The presence of other food distribution services in your area
  • Program sustainability and reach
  • Willingness and ability to collaborate

 For more information or to submit your Membership Inquiry Form and 501(c)3 letter, please contact Mollie Grierson at mgrierson@gcfb.org or (313) 308-0626, ext. 286.




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