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The Gleaners PowerUp Program

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A mentorship experience in support of leadership development, empowerment and community service.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Women’s Power Breakfast, Gleaners launched a mentorship program to help nurture the next generation of women leaders in southeast Michigan. 

The Gleaners PowerUp Program involved metro Detroit’s women business leaders together with girls from Detroit’s Martin Luther King Jr. High School for mentoring, role-modeling and community involvement. 

The Program had three components:

  1. The LEADERSHIP component brings students and their mentors together to discuss leadership and examines how women leaders are helping to transform Detroit.
  2. The SELF-EMPOWERMENT component provides practical lessons for making positive choices that affect their health and wellbeing. 
  3. The VOLUNTEER SERVICE component explores hunger as a critical issue facing metro Detroit and involves students and mentors in volunteer activities to support hunger relief efforts for children.

Mentors and mentees committed to meet once per month for three months in two-hour sessions, each covering one of the three component areas. Sessions were interactive, allowing participants to learn and share their own experiences and ideas.

Public Service Announcement Activity

The PowerUp Mentees were asked to create short PSA's to raise awareness about the needs and challenges of fighting hunger. 

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Gleaners PowerUp PSA's from Gleaners Community Food Bank on YouTube.


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