Image - Hunger Free Summer Food Fight

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About The Hunger Free Summer Food Fight

What is The Hunger Free Summer Food Fight?

The Food Fight is a contest between individual businesses or teams of businesses to see who can collect the most donations and help the hungry of southeastern Michigan.

Who Will It Help?

Thousands of hungry families in southeastern Michigan are served by Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan each month. Donations will be disbursed to southeastern Michigan families through a network of local partner agencies.

How Do We Get Started?

Step 1: Form A Team

Teams can be single businesses or entire office buildings. We'll classify your team by the number of employees involved. You will only compete with teams of similar size. Register your team by clicking the registration link or contacting Allison Lucas at or 313-923-3535 ext. 271 for details.

Step 2: Get The Word Out

Make sure everyone on your team knows about the Food Fight. We can supply you with posters, flyers, brochures and an email blast with a link to a virtual food drive page. Encourage your employees, clients, suppliers and customers to donate. Electronic documents are available if you want to personalize your message. Contact Allison Lucas at or 313-923-3535 ext. 271 for details.

Step 3: Collect Donations

Gleaners will provide collection boxes for food and canisters for monetary donations. Need ideas on how you can motivate your colleagues, clients, and others to donate? Check out our Food Drive Manual.

What Should We Donate?

Money or Food?

Gleaners can leverage cash donations to obtain more food at wholesale than can possibly be donated and collected. A $1 donation provides 3 meals to feed a hungry neighbor! For collections of non-perishable donations, 4 pounds of food items will be equivalent to one day’s worth of food – 3 meals. Your team's "score" will be the total number of days of meals provided, which is calculated using both pounds and monetary donations. Please make all checks payable to: Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan.

What's the Goal?

Our goal is to feed the more than 300,000 children in southeastern Michigan who lose access to school-provided meals over the summer. To do this, we have a goal of collecting one million pounds of food! With your help, we will do it.