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Client Choice Pantries

"Client choice" is a model of emergency food distribution that enables clients to select their own food, much like a grocery store. Unlike most pantries, which provide clients with fixed boxes or bags of food with no ability to select the items included, client choice pantries allow clients the ability to choose from a wide variety of foods, better enabling clients to meet their personal dietary needs.

The client choice model offers other advantages, including:

  • A sense of dignity for clients and their families
  • Higher satisfaction with the food they are able to choose
  • Less waste and ultimately less cost of food provided
  • Greater opportunities for volunteer and clients to interact; more social, supportive relationship opportunities

Three client choice pantries operate in conjunction with Gleaners:

Shared Harvest Pantry

Shared Harvest Pantry is a client choice pantry that operates as a program of Gleaners Community Food Bank in Livingston County.

Learn more about Livingston County's Shared Harvest Pantry

Fish & Loaves

In conjunction with Gleaners' Taylor Distribution Center, Fish & Loaves Community Food Pantry was established in June of 2008 to help feed our hungry neighbors in six downriver communities. 

Fish & Loaves is a network of churches committed to providing food assistance to neighbors in need.

Learn more about Fish & Loaves.  

The Food Hub 

The Food Hub is a collaboration of ten existing agencies that provide emergency food to residents of southwest Detroit. It is located at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center at the Mexicantown Mercado and is managed by Gleaners Community Food Bank. 

Learn more about The Food Hub at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center

  • Other client choice pantry partners include:

    Hope Center in Macomb

    The Hope Center connects people in need with the services that can help give them a hand up, including providing emergency food through their client choice pantry. 

    Learn more about Hope Center in Macomb.

Brightmoor Client Choice Pantry

The Brightmoor Alliance, a coalition of nearly 50 organizations dedicated to serving northwest Detroit's Brightmoor community, offers a client choice pantry for residents. 

Learn more about the Brightmoor Client Choice Pantry.

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