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Get to Know a Gleaner

  • Delores Watters

    When volunteers come to our Livingston Shared Harvest pantry, they meet Delores Watters, our Livingston Volunteer Coordinator. She works with over 140 volunteers and numerous groups weekly to rotate shifts within our pantry.

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  • Kiwana Johnston

    Between being a busy mom of 3, taking classes for two Master programs, and making flour from scratch, Kiwana Johnston recently starting her new position as Gleaners’ Human Resources Coordinator.

    “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help these individuals,” says Kiwana. 

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  • Josh Allard

    This is Josh Allard's second month at Gleaners. He says each day he falls for Gleaners all over again.

    "I still can't sop smiling after two months. I love this place! I've competely fallen for it.”

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  • John Kastler

    This is John’s 25th year at Gleaners; He says each day still brings something new.

    “At the end of the day, you can always say you were part of the mission of helping others,” says John. 

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