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Get to Know a Gleaner

Delores Watters 
Volunteer Coordinator 


When volunteers come to our Livingston Shared Harvest pantry, they meet Delores Watters, our Livingston Volunteer Coordinator. She works with over 140 volunteers and numerous groups weekly to rotate shifts within our pantry..

Before Delores started working for Gleaners three years ago, she volunteered weekly stocking shelves and assisting clients in our Shared Harvest Pantry. “I was looking for something to do after my daughters left the house and I found Gleaners. The first day I was here I knew this was it! It’s an awesome place. There’s a feeling of community and I felt a connection right away,” she shared. “I started volunteering once a week, then twice, then I was filling in for people and next thing I knew I was here a lot. Then a position working in our back opened up and I applied for that. Now I’m doing this!”

In her role, Delores has seen how our volunteers have gone above and beyond to bring new ideas into the pantry. Even a few of her ideas have been incorporated at the pantry. Now Livingston also provides recipes to help our hungry neighbors better use the food they receive, a Pet Food Pantry and an Easter basket gift wall. All these wonderful experiences are why Delores loves her job. “I’m excited everyday. I love my job. I don’t think I’ve ever had a job before that I was excited everyday I came in to work,” she said.

We’re happy you love helping our hungry neighbors Delores. Thank you for all that you do!