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Get to Know a Gleaner

Kiwana Johnston, Human Resources Coordinator 

Kiwana Johnston_WEB

Between being a busy mom of 3, taking classes for two Master programs, and making flour from scratch, Kiwana Johnston recently starting her new position as Gleaners’ Human Resources Coordinator. She’s only been on the job for several days now, but she’s already starting to feel welcomed. “I’ve already noticed everyone is extremely nice, which is exciting,” said Kiwana.

Before coming to Gleaners, Kiwana worked as a Human Resource Specialist for Southwest Solutions. She enjoyed her time there, but was looking for a change and a chance to move up in her position. When she found Gleaners she was excited.

“Health and wellness is extremely important to me especially in the areas that we are serving. With such a low income population where resources are limited, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help these individuals,” said Kiwana.

Kiwana is originally from Detroit, but she grew up in Southern California. She studied at Wayne State University and has worked across the Metro Detroit area since graduation. Now she spends the majority of her time shuffling her children between dance and music classes, studying for her Master Programs in Human Resources and Divinity, shopping at local farmers markets for the best fresh ingredients, and cooking and baking to de-stress. Kiwana is a huge food enthusiast and is excited to be working for an organization that loves food and works to provide healthy options to those in need.

Welcome to Gleaners Kiwana! We’re excited to have another food  enthusiast on our team.