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Kids Helping Kids®

kids helping kids

Hunger can be reduced by the deeds of children. That was the philosophy of Gleaners' board members Kathryn Michalak and Ruth Ellen Mayhall, who together with staffers Peg Roberts and Jack Griffo developed the Kids Helping Kids® Hunger Awareness Program in 1986 and presented the idea of involving school-age children in hunger relief to Detroit area schools.

KHK Overview

Today KHK invites students to Gleaners for volunteering and education. Students visiting Gleaners begin with an introduction to the history of the food bank, a tour of the warehouse, and an education session, followed by a hands-on experience.  The educational focus is on the importance of good nutrition and hunger awareness. Over the years, KHK has introduced thousands of school-aged children to community service helping their fellow students.

KHK for Kids

KHK offers a number of ways for kids to join Gleaners in the fight against hunger.




  • Learn more about hunger in America and your neighborhood, what happens to your school abilities when you're hungry, what Gleaners does to help the hungry, and how you can help.


KHK Real Life Examples

Many students and school groups have demonstrated great concern our hungry neighbors in our community. Some have found inventive ways to help reduce the problem of hunger. See our Kids Helping Kids® Real Life Examples page for details.

Guest Speaker Program

The Program Coordinators of Kids Helping Kids®, are available to address school groups about Gleaners' mission to combat hunger and how the community can get involved. Become a Speaker - contact us today!

Detroit Office
866-GLEANER (453-2637), ext. 265

Pontiac Office
866-GLEANER (453-2637), ext. 403 

KHK for Teachers

Kids Helping Kids® for Teachers & Parents offers educators and parents the answers they need to talk to children about the issue of hunger in our community. Information about who the hungry really are in America, along with interesting and thought-provoking classroom activities, will help you talk about hunger. You will also find the story of Gleaners, facts about hunger from recent national and local surveys, along with links to online and downloadable puzzles and games for kids. All of these resources will help you better explain hunger issues for inquisitive students and children.

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