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Delivery Schedule 2015

**Please contact your site coordinator before ordering a box online**

Friday Delivery Schedule:

Month            Place Your Order By      Site Delivery Date
January Friday the 9th Friday the 16th
February Friday the 6th Friday the 13th
March Friday the 13th Friday the 20th
April Friday the 10th Friday the 17th
May Friday the 8th Friday the 15th
June Friday the 12th Friday the 19th
July Friday the 10th Friday the 17th 
August Friday the 14th Friday the 21st
September Friday the 11th Friday the 18th
October Friday the 9th Friday the 16th
November   Friday the 13th Friday the 20th  
December Friday the 11th Friday the 18th

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Thursday Delivery Schedule: 

Month            Place Your Order By      Site Delivery Date
January Friday the 9th Thursday the 15th
February Friday the 6th Thursday the 12th 
March Friday the 13th Thursday the 19th
April  Friday the 10th  Thursday the 16th 
May  Friday the 8th  Thursday the 14th 
June  Friday the 12th  Thursday the 18th 
July  Friday the 10th Thursday the 16th 
August  Friday the 14th Thursday the 20th 
September  Friday the 11th Thursday the 17th 
October  Friday the 9th Thursday the 15th
November  Friday the 13th Thursday the 19th 
December  Friday the 11th Thursday the 17th 

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Delivery Sites:

 FFS Map
 View a map of locations here

American Indian Health and Family Services (AIHFS)
4880 Lawndale St. Detroit, MI 48210
Coordinators: Rosebud Schneider & Nina Eusani

Bates Academy
19701 Wyoming Ave. 48221
Coordinator: Denice Riggs-Dougans

Blackwell Institute
9330 Shoemaker St. Detroit, MI 48213
Coordinator: Nurse C. Sanders

Common Ground
1410 Old South Telegraph Rd. Bloomfield Township, MI ‎48302
Coordinator: Lenda Jackson

Davison Elementary/Middle (Thurs.)
2800 E. Davison Srv. Rd. Detroit, MI 48212
Coordinator: Maria Jones-Foster

1903 Wilkins St. Detroit, MI 48207
Coordinators: Nancy Garvin

DHC - Harriet Tubman
2450 W. Grand Blvd. 48208
Coordinator: Julia Fearing

DHC – State Fair
1231 W. State Fair 48208
Coordinator: Julia Fearing

DMC: Detroit Medical Center Fitness Center/Rehab Institute of Michigan
261 Mack Ave. Detroit, MI 48207
Coordinator: Michelle Fabrym

GEE Edmonson Academy
1300 West Canfield, Detroit, MI 48201
Coordinators: Shana Williams-Gorden & Muayad Mahmoud

Golightly Education Center
5536 St. Antoine St. 48202
Coordinator: Shanna Williams – Gorden 

Hannan House
4750 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48201
Coordinators: Pat Baldwin

HAP: Health Alliance Plan – Detroit
2850 West Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48202
Coordinator: Margaret Creekmore & Shawna Lorch

Henry Ford Hospital: Main Campus
2799 West Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48202
Coordinator: Meagan Dunn

New Center One: HFHS Clinics (Thurs.)
New Center One 7th Floor, 3031 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI 48202
Coordinator: Kelly Colton

New Center One: HFHS Contact Center (Thurs.)
New Center One 3rd Floor, 3031 W. Grand Blvd.  Detroit, MI 48202
Coordinator: Natasha LeFlore

HFHS One Ford Place (Thurs.)
1 Ford Place Detroit, MI 48202
Coordinator: Nancy Goodwin

Hutchinson/Howe School (Thurs.)
2600 Garland St. Detroit, MI 48214
Coordinator: Samuel Ivory

Joy-Southfield Health and Education Center
8401 Trinity St. Detroit, MI 48228
Coordinator: Joanne Manning & Trish Hopkins
(313) 582-1330

Lighthouse of Oakland County
46156 Woodward Ave. Pontiac MI, 48432
Coordinator: James E. McQueen

Marcus Garvey
2301 Van Dyke Detroit, MI 48214
Coordinators: Davida Green

Mumford High School
17525 Wyoming St. Detroit, MI 48221
Coordinators: Natalie Kennaw, Tina Harvey, and Jeanean Bryant

NSO Bell Building
882 Oakman Blvd. Detroit, MI 48238
Coordinators: Harry Huggins & Yolanda Stinson

Oakland Family Services (Staff Only)
114 Orchard Lake Rd. Pontiac, MI 48341
Coordinator: Justin Rinke

Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA)
196 Cesar E Chavez Ave. Pontiac, MI 48342
Coordinator: Jason Blanks

O’Hair Park Community Association @ St. Gerard School
19800 Pembroke Detroit, MI 48219
Coordinator: Patt Taylor Braxton & John Bradley

People's Community Services
8625 Joseph Campau St. Hamtramck, MI  48212
Coordinator: Rose Haidar

Pershing High School
18875 Ryan Rd. Detroit, MI 48234
Coordinator: Jamal Williams

Piquette Square 
6221 Brush St. Detroit, MI 48202
Coordinators: Lisa Todd & Dan Yepez

Pontiac Public Library
60 E. Pike St. Pontiac, MI 48342
Coordinator: Devon Green

Pure Recovery
19436 Packard St. Detroit MI 48234
Coordinator: Phillip Simmons

Ronald Brown Academy
11450 E. Outer Dr. Detroit, MI
Coordinator: Sunya Harris

Spain Elementary/Blessed Peace C.O.G.I.C
3700 Beaubien Detroit, MI  48201
Coordinators: Willie & Carol Scott

Southwest Counseling Solutions
1700 Waterman St. Detroit, MI 48209
Coordinator: RanDee Spencer

St. Charles Parish
1491 Baldwin Detroit, MI 48214
Coordinator: Brother Jerry Smith

St. John - Conner Creek
4777 East Outer Dr. Detroit, MI 48234
Coordinator: Cynthia McCoy

St. John Providence Hospital & Health Center
22101 Moross Rd. Detroit, MI 48236
Coordinator: Amanda Campbell

St. Vincent de Paul
3000 Gratiot Ave. Detroit, MI 48207
Coordinator: Travonne Young

**Orders MUST be turned into your site coordinator by the dates listed below.  No late orders will be accepted.  Payment is due when you place your order, without exception.  Check with your site coordintor to find out which forms of payment are accepted at you delivery site.** 

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