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Access to fresh food is essential to the health and wellbeing of a community.

Over half of Detroit's residents must travel twice as far to reach a grocery store as they would to reach a liquor store, gas station or convenience store. Because of this limited access, 92% of federal food dollars received by Detroit residents are spent at such fringe locations, choosing from a small selection of unhealthy processed foods.

The Fresh Food Share provides access to fresh, affordable food to all families and individuals across Detroit.

How can you get involved with the Fresh Food Share program? 


1. Volunteer to pack boxes. We pack all of our produce boxes using volunteers and are always looking for new volunteers!

There is a calendar of our packing days on the News & Events page. If you would like to be involved or would like more information about our program please contact the Fresh Food Share Program Coordinator at 313.550.8034 or

2. Become a distribution site. We are always recruiting new distribution sites. Sites must be located in Detroit and have one or two responsible individuals willing to act as the coordinators for that site. Coordinators will recruit members, collect orders and payments, and organize distributions. A minimum order of ten boxes is needed to cover the cost of delivery. Check out our map to see if there is already a site near you.

3. Become a member. If you live or work in Detroit and are interested in joining the program you can choose a site you would like to be part of or we will match you with the site that is closest to you. You will place your orders and pick-up your boxes from that site. Check out our map to find a site near you and please make sure to contact the site coordinator before ordering a box online.

4. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Check out our page or follow us on twitter and receive up to date information on what will be in the boxes each month. We periodically post recipes and tips to help you use all of the produce you get each month. Have any questions? Post on our page wall, or give us a tweet!

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