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Featuring: April is National Garlic Month!, How to Roast Garlic, Southwestern
Chopped Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing, How to Cut Fresh Corn Kernels
Off of the Cob, How to Core a Pineapple


Featuring: Fresh Food Share Cooking Parties, Fall Vegetable Salad, Fresh
Food Share is expanding to Pontiac!, Fresh Food Share Tips & Quips: Banana
Deep Freeze, Cabbage Salad & Celery Soup Recipes, Citrus Vinaigrette


Featuring: Heart Healthy Produce, Fresh Food Share Tips & Quips: Improving
Heart Health, Curried Carrot Soup & Beet Brownie Recipes, Homemade
Ranch Dressing


Featuring: Produce of the Month: Apples, Baked Apple Pancakes & Chipotle
Turkey Chili with Apples Recipes, Fresh Food Share Tips & Quips: Sunchokes,
Sunchoke Recipes, Simple Guacamole Recipe



Featuring: Winter Solstice, We love our Volunteers and Site Coordinators!,
Veggie of the Month: Broccoli, Holiday Eating: Handling Your Leftovers,
Purple Viking Potatoes, Broccoli & Dill Dip Recipes


Featuring: Celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, Veggie of the Month:
Cabbage, Eating Healthy Through the Holidays, FFS Tips & Quips: Turkey
Safety, Cabbage & Cranberry Sauce Recipes


Featuring: Health Benefits of Unprocessed Foods, Veggie of the Month:
Pumpkin, The Unprocessed Budget Pantry, FFS Tips & Quips: Essential
Pumpkin Carving Preparations, Pumpkin Recipes


Featuring: October Unprocessed, Veggie of the Month: Tomatoes, The
Benefits of Freezer Cooking, FFS Tips & Quips: Fantastic Freeze-ables
FAQ, Tomato Recipes


Featuring: Quite the weather we’ve been having, Veggie of the Month: Melons, Melons, Melons, Eat Better, Eat Together! Ways to make eating
together fun,
Tips & Quips: An Ode to the Bag Lunch


Featuring: Community in Season, Veggie of the Month: Cucumbers How to 
Read a Food Label Easily, Tzatziki Sauce, Tips & Quips: Resourceful


Featuring: Meet Up and Eat Up: Free Meals for Kids, Veggie of the Month: 
Celery, A Breakdown on Protein, Tips & Quips: Grill Techniques 


Featuring: Double Up Food Bucks, MyPlate Nutrition Information,
White, Tan & Brown Fruits & Vegetables, Tips & Quips: Knife Techniques 


Featuring: National Volunteer Appreciation Month, Greens, greens, greens!,
The “skinny” on fats, Tips & Quips: Your Guide to Greens 


Featuring: Spring is Here, Follow the Yellow Produce Road to good health,
A History of Food Guides, Tips & Quips: Knife Safety 


Featuring: February is American Heart Month, Red Produce: Get Caught Red
Handed, Shop Healthy – On a Budget, Tips & Quips: Citrus Edition 


Featuring: Year in Review: 2013, Featured Produce of the Month: Carrots,
Learn how to make Vegetable Stock, Healthy New Year’s Resolutions 

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What's in Season

Download the Michigan Farm Fresh Produce Availability Calendar PDF

Farm-to-Fork Tours

Farm-to-Fork tours are designed to educate individuals and groups about food access issues in Detroit and to highlight ways local community members and organizations are addressing these issues. Each Farm-to-Fork tour is unique, but they all highlight the following essential elements: food access and hunger relief efforts, local food production at urban farms and gardens, farmers’ markets, and local food-based businesses, including restaurants.

If you are interested in scheduling a Farm-to-Fork tour for your group please contact Kido Pielack at the Greening of Detroit at 313.237.8733 or at

Cooking Classes

To be scheduled.

If you are a chef and are interested in volunteering your time by leading a cooking class or cooking demonstration please contact or 313.550.8034.