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Host a Food Drive

Hosting a food drive is one of the most important and tangible ways for you to have an impact on getting food to those who need it.  Individuals, groups and organizations of all sizes have hosted successful food drives.

What is a food drive?

A food drive is an organized effort to collect non-perishable food in a set time frame.  Participants are asked to donate items, bring these items to a central location where they are collected and taken to a food bank for distribution to the needy.  It takes around 4 pounds of food to provide 3 meals.

Top Reasons to Host a Food Drive:

  • Anyone can participate, regardless of age, income or ability!
  • The food goes directly to help those in need.
  • It’s a good way to put to use items in your pantry that might go to waste.
  • It feels good to know you are feeding someone who is hungry.

How can Gleaners Community Food Bank help me with my food drive?

Gleaners hosts over 1500 food drives each year, collecting 2 million pounds of food, and providing 1.5 million meals.  We can help you plan your drive, set a goal, provide supplies and ideas for making your drive a success, and give you feedback on how many pounds were collected and how many meals your donation will provide.

What resources are available from Gleaners?

Gleaners has many resources to help you with your food drive. We can provide:

  • A food drive coordinator to provide information and answer questions.
  • A downloadable food drive manual with helpful information and tips on holding a successful drive
  • Boxes, posters, and other supplies for your drive
  • “I Fed Someone Today: stickers for those who donate

Download one of our Food Drive Manuals to get more information:

Generic/Business Food Drive Manual (pdf)
Elementary School Food Drive Manual (pdf)
Middle and High School Food Drive Manual (pdf)
Suggested Food Items (pdf)

How do I get started?

To get started on your food drive register here. One of our Food and Fund Drive Coordinators will be in touch with you to help you with your drive.

What is Gleaners Pick up Policy for food drives?   

Every food drive is important and provides much needed food for our hungry neighbors, no matter what the size. To maximize our limited resources we ask that whenever possible, you deliver your food donations to one of our 5 warehouses. If you are considering hosting a food drive for Gleaners, please take a moment to look over our food drive pick-up policy. Click here to download.