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Fill the Skids, Feed the Kids


For the past eight years, L&M Machining & Manufacturing owner and President Larry Morath and his team have committed to helping Gleaners end the food gap for children. Every year during the holiday season, the company’s employees, suppliers and customers join together to collect food and funds for Gleaners.  

Their 2014 “Fill the Skids, Feed the Kids” campaign was the most successful ever, collecting 3,461 pounds of food and raising nearly $75,000 for hungry children in southeast Michigan. “Our employees and customers have really gotten into the campaign,” shared Larry. “It’s been really amazing to see.”

Larry’s father, Carl, was his inspiration for wanting to help Gleaners. Carl lived in an orphanage during the Great Depression and later became a very successful businessman. Having struggled with hunger and other deprivations, he was quick to help others as soon as he could – in a quiet way. “When my father passed, I was unaware of how many charitable organizations he was involved in. He never said anything.” Larry decided then that he wanted to follow in his mom and dad’s philanthropic footsteps. “Knowing their stories and seeing firsthand how our friends were struggling during the recession, we knew we needed to do something.”

That’s when Larry and his team thought, “We have these skids [metal containers] around our workshop and if we could fill just one skid with food, we could help a lot of kids.” Since then, the campaign has gotten larger each year, spearheaded by Jeff Swoish, L&M’s Director of Technical Services.“It’s been wonderful to see how it’s grown and how involved our staff is,” shared Larry.

As more and more children continue to struggle to receive the nourishment they need to grow, we are grateful to have committed partners like L&M Machining and Manufacturing. Thank you for your partnership and generous donations to help feed our hungry children in southeast Michigan, and for urging your customers and suppliers to be part of the effort. We look forward to another successful “Fill the Skids, Feed the Kids” campaign!

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