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Cooking Matters™
Volunteer Spotlight: 
Susie Fenster


An active community member with a love for healthy cooking, nutrition and fitness, Susie Fenster found herself volunteering with Wayne State University's Farmer’s Market and Cooking Matters.

“I happened on Wayne State's Farmer’s Market by chance in the summer of 2013. My daughter encouraged me to talk to the people at the working the Healthy Eats station. I put my name on the list, and soon after that I was volunteering,” shared Susie.

Throughout her time volunteering she has build many meaningful connections that have assisted her within her personal and professional life. “There is a lot that goes on into putting on a successful, vibrant market for 23 weeks! It’s been a great learning experience that’s allowed me to merge my business and marketing background with my interests in community involvement, healthy eating and supporting local farmers,” she shared. 

Her enthusiasm for healthy cooking and nutrition doesn't stop there. After reading a Gleaners newsletter about the Cooking Matters program she decided Susie wanted to do more.  “I wasn’t sure how to get involved. I was fortunate to be at a meeting at Gleaners through my work and I asked Rachelle Bonelli about Cooking Matters. She introduced me to Rebecca Blauw, who graciously sat down with me on the spot and oriented me with the program,” she said. 

Now Susie volunteers with Cooking Matters cooking demonstrations and programming for area seniors. She’s enjoys her experience and is thankful to share her love for food with others. Thank you for all being open to new experiences Susie. We’re excited you are willing to share our passion with our community.