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Thank you for your thoughtful gift to Gleaners Community Food Bank in support of  the Women's Power Breakfast and Women's Power Happy Hour events. With every dollar providing three meals, your gift is a real help for hungry neighbors.  

While the economy shows signs of recovery, many families are struggling to get back on their feet. As a result, an increasing number of Michigan children - one in four - are growing up in poverty. We continually hear stories from parents in our community who admit to skipping meals so their children will have enough to eat. For many, budgets are even tighter, and kids are going without the nourishment they need to live happy, productive lives. With support like yours, Gleaners is reaching families with the healthy food they need to achieve a bright future.

Thank you again for making a difference for our hungry neighbors.

See below for the tax-deductible portion of your gift:

Event Tickets
Support Level Cost Tax-Deductible
Women's Power Breakfast Ticket $120 $85
Women's Power Breakfast Intermediate Ticket $85 $55
Women's Power Happy Hour Ticket $150 $120
Women's Power Happy Hour Intermediate Ticket $100 $70
Platinum Angel Ticket $1,000 $704
Gold Angel Ticket $500 $465
Silver Angel Ticket $275 $240
Support Level Cost Tax-Deductible
Children's Hunger Hero $10,000 $8,550
Children's Hunger Advocate $5,000 $3,750
Children's Hunger Ambassador $3,500 $2,510
Breakfast Table Sponsor $1,200 $850
Happy Hour Title Sponsor $10,000 $7,600
Happy Hour Group Sponsor $1,500 $1,200



Gerald F. Brisson

A receipt of your generous donation will be emailed to you shortly. Thank you!

*Gleaners is a 501[c][3] organization.
Your donation is 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law; you received no goods or services from this contribution.

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