Our Mission



We exist to provide households with access to sufficient, nutritious food, and related resources. We accomplish this through collaboration, efficient operations, education, and innovative solutions to achieve a hunger-free community in southeast Michigan.

Gleaners Community Food Bank, with broad community support, fights hunger in southeastern Michigan. In collaboration with our member agencies, the Feeding America network, and our program partners, we provide millions of pounds of donated and purchased food to people in need. In so doing, Gleaners is committed to distributing nutritional, high quality food. Through education and advocacy, we will reduce reliance on the emergency food system. Gleaners adopts best practices and cost effective systems and procedures to achieve the highest possible return on its human and financial resources. Gleaners fulfills its role with a sense of compassion and urgency while nourishing, sustaining and advancing hope in our community.

Gleaners’ Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2013, the board and staff of Gleaners adopted a three-year strategic plan to further reduce hunger in southeast Michigan and promote self-sufficiency through education and access.

While demand for emergency food remains high, the supply of free and low-cost food is shrinking. We know hunger won't be solved through emergency food alone - we must help people do more for themselves.

Below are some of the key actions we will take to further our mission over the next three years:


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