The Gleaners Team

Senior Leadership

20171129 GCFB Gerry Brisson

Gerry Brisson

President & CEO
20171129 GCFB Julie Beamer

Julie Beamer

Chief Operating Officer
Jeff Ossowski (Small)

Jeff Ossowski

Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Schulte (Small)

Patrick Schulte

Chief Development Officer
20171129 GCFB Bandy

Jeffrey Bandy

20171129 GCFB Kessel

Stacy Averill

Vice President of Community Giving & Public Relations

Dr. Julie Bedford

Director of School Partnerships
Curtis Cooper (Small)

Curtis Cooper

Director of IT
Judith McNeeley (Small)

Judith McNeeley

Vice President of Community Engagement
20171129 GCFB Stoddard

Sheryl Stoddard

Vice President of Administration
Cara Rayner

Cara Rayner

Senior Director of Operations & Project Management
Jessica Ramsay

Jessica Ramsay

Director of Wellness & Nutrition


David Black

David Black

Transportation/Operations Director
20171129 GCFB Brown

Bridget Brown

Director of Food Secure Livingston
Cierpial Krista

Krista Cierpial

Director of Human Resources

Betz Des Chenes

Director of Operations—Mobile and Government Programs
20171129 GCFB Drouillard

Greg Drouillard

Director of Food Sales & Purchasing

Phil Garofalo

Director, Marketing & Communications
Justin Gruber

Justin Gruber

Director of Data Analytics
Angela Halverson

Angela Halverson

Director of Donor Engagement
Cory Joyrich

Cory Joyrich

Director of Major Gifts and Corporate Partnerships
20171129 GCFB Kastler

John Kastler

Senior Director of Benchmarking & Performance Reporting
Kimpson Justin

Justin Kimpson

Senior Director of the Ford Resource and Engagement Center at the Fisher Academy
20171129 GCFB Leduc

Denise Leduc

Director of Community Engagement
20171129 GCFB Mattia

Carmen Mattia

Senior Director of the Ford Resource and Engagement Center - Mercado
Lawrence Seay

Lawrence Seay

Facilities Director

Kristin Sokul

Director of Advancement Strategy and Planning
Omari Taylor (Small)

Omari Taylor

Director of Executive Communication
20171129 GCFB Williams

Rachel Williams

Director of Strategic Community Impact

Department Managers

Mollie Allard

Agency Relations Operations Manager

Brooke Bianchini

Government Child Nutrition Program Manager

Rachel Binder

Healthcare Program Manager

Katherine Body

Community Giving Manager

Doug Czinder

Data Processing and Reporting Manager

Albert Foster

Food Safety and Sanitation Manager

Greg Kozlowski

Information Technology Manager

Ray Leduc

Livingston Operations Manager

Carrie Lettieri

Office Manager

Renee Metcalf

Cooking Matters Program Manager

Misty Sidelinker

Food Procurement Manager

Steven Stoddard

Mobile Distributions Manager

Ibzan Way

Distribution & Facility Manager

Jake Williams

Nutrition Education Manager

Media/Press Room

Media Contacts

Stacy Averill
Vice President of Community Giving & Public Relations
866-GLEANER ext. 322

Don Tanner & Matt Friedman
Tanner Friedman
248 254 6782