Ann Marie’s All Stars: Dequan Marion

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The kids at Jimmie Paul’s Hands On Boxing Gym are doing more than perfecting their jabs and crosses and that has 7 Action News Reporter Ann Marie LaFlamme celebrating the man behind it as an All Star.

Dequan Marion helps kids throughout Metro Detroit grow into responsible kids, teaching them right from wrong and dedicating so much of his life to this program.

“He is there, he is there like their father figure,” Summer Meal Plan Manager Deborah Smith said. “Just being in there helping them, helping them with whatever they need.”

He has kids strapping on gloves and stepping into the ring, Marion is the president of Jimmie Paul’s Hands On Boxing, a nonprofit he stared alongside the former lightweight world champion.

“It started off pulling his talents out of what he used to do and then it grew into forming a relationship with these kids, understanding what they need,” Marion said. 

A few years ago, the gym reached out to Gleaners to form a partnership providing the young champions with meals.

“Us bringing the meals to them here, it warms my heart,” Smith said. “To be able to see the kids, be able to have these meals where they might not have them.”

They’re filling these kid’s minds and bodies with an even bigger focus on creating a support system.

“You know there are a lot of negative influences in the community and we just try to be the positive,” Marion said. “We not only are a community center for them, we are also fathers and mothers to them.”

They’re mentors shaping lifelong skills for outside the ring all while inside what has been named the number one amateur boxing gym in Michigan.

“Oh my coaches, yeah I like my coaches,” boxer Camille Brown said. “If I need support, they always have my back when I need them.”

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