Celanese Corporation’s Steadfast Commitment to Our Local Community

Please note: The above photo of Celanese volunteers at Gleaners’ Livingston Victory Garden was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic. Gleaners Community Food Bank continues to follow all safety recommendations provided by the CDC and local governments, including the use of face masks and social distancing.

During the summer months of 2019, a group of dedicated volunteers from Celanese assisted Gleaners’ Livingston Victory Gardens and setting up for fall harvest. “It’s a fun time—and you definitely get your hands dirty,” Steve Van Loozen, Corporate Account Manager. “The experience is what really taught me about food security—and now I think about it even more.”

The world has drastically changed since this time last year and need for emergency food has skyrocketed. Our friends at Celanese were quick to respond and have become one of Gleaners’ more ardent donors.

Over the past four years, Celanese’s local volunteer committee has become a steadfast supporter—donating both funds and time. We are honored to deepen this partnership, and to have Celanese stand with us during this unprecedented time by awarding an additional $15,000 to benefit Gleaners’ ongoing emergency response efforts. 

“When we received notice from our headquarters in Texas that there would be additional funds for community support—Gleaners was top of mind,” said Noel Lyon, Account Development Manager, Automotive Americas. “The fact that 92 cents of every dollar donated goes directly towards feeding programs—we know Gleaners can do the most amount of good and touch the most amount of people.”

Through a significant increase in support, Celanese is helping make a big impact for families in their community and across southeast Michigan. Together, we are helping reach nearly 14,000 families each week through drive-up food distribution sites and emergency food box delivery.

Cars line up for a Gleaners’ drive-up food distribution in Pontiac, Michigan.

“Our organization encourages us to really get to know our community,” said Lyon. “Gleaners is right down the road from our offices.” Each year Celanese serves more than 20 volunteer shifts, many of which are at the Gleaners’ Oakland County distribution center. Lyon has served alongside his coworkers and also his family. “We’ve gotten as much out of our experiences on a personal level—if feels great to make this type of difference during this crisis.”

During the state of emergency in Michigan due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the distribution center where Celanese’s volunteer committee regularly serves had to cut volunteer shifts to align with Gleaners’ heightened safety measures. The distribution center continues to provide food to neighboring partner agencies, and it is also home base for the assembly of quarantine boxes that are delivered to service organizations aiding seniors in need across Michigan.

Michigan National Guard package emergency food boxes at Gleaners’ Oakland County Distribution Center

“Everyone has a different need right now, but food is one that rings universal. Food security is already an ongoing issue, and now it’s amplified,” said Lyon. “Thank you to Gleaners for being such a strong support pillar in our community.” Gleaners is committed to serving as a reliable source of food for individuals and families facing new and ongoing hardships. Together with partners like Celanese, we will make a difference for our hungry neighbors.

Learn more about Celanese and the company’s commitment to local communities.

Please note: The above photo of Celanese volunteers at Gleaners’ Oakland County Distribution Center was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic. Gleaners and our volunteers continues to follow all safety recommendations provided by the CDC and local governments, including the use of face masks and social distancing.