Written by: Amani Strong

Nothing says ‘Football’ season like attending a tailgate with friends, family, collegues, and (most importantly) FOOD! Typical tailgate food may involve buffalo wings, burgers, chili, nachos or macaroni and cheese. As delicious as all those options sound, they can be high in calories, saturated fats, and sodium which can quickly add up over the season. Luckily Cooking Matters by Share Our Strength has tons of recipes that focuses on health and affordable recipes (each recipe feeds 4 or more for $10 or less), so without further a do, here’s a few recipes that will win over your guest’s taste buds, wallet, and a healthier lifestyle

chicken burger.PNG
turkey chili.PNG
turkey tacos.PNG
mac and cheese.PNG
  1. Chicken Burger In need of a juicy burger, full of flavor? Well this is the recipe for you! Instead of depending of fat and sodium, this recipe utilizes a variety of spices, aromatics, and veggies to achieve the perfect touchdown bite!
  2. Turkey Chili with Vegetables6 ½ servings of yumminess! Keep you and your guest warm to celebrate a great game (or at least a great bowl of chili, if the score doesn’t go your way). Another great pairing is our confetti pepper cornbread.
  3. Turkey Tacos/ NachosA family favorite, great resolution for picky eaters, crowd pleasure and one of the easiest way to add more veggies to our plate. Although this recipe was made for tacos, the turkey meat mixture can easily be thrown on top of low sodium corn tortilla chips for nachos.
  4. Stove Top Macaroni and CheeseA no-brainer fan favorite! Full of fiber from the whole wheat noodles, the nutrition value from and pop of color from the broccoli, covered in cheesy goodness is always an instant win!