Choose the Farmer’s Market this Season!

With the return of the warm weather, farmer’s markets are also returning. Here in Metro Detroit, there is an abundance of markets all around. There are some great reasons why it’s important to support your local farmer’s market this season.

  1. By shopping at the market, we are helping conserve our farmlands and protect rural livelihoods. Farmers are needed to work the land, keeping the soil healthy. We allow them to continue to do this work by supporting their business. According to the Farmers Market Coalition, “50% of farmers selling at farmers markets derive at least half their revenue from farmers market sales.”
  • When we decide to spend our money buying from local farmers we are contributing to the local economy, keeping it fueled. The money spent at local businesses stays in the local economy. In addition, many jobs are created when farmers sell their produce locally.
  • Not only are we fueling the economy, but we are also fueling ourselves with fresh and nutritious foods. Farmer’s markets provide us easy access to these foods, that may not be as easily available otherwise. Many Farmer’s markets are now accepting SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. Accepting this form of payment allows farmers to have their produce available to people of different socioeconomic statuses.
  • Shopping locally helps support sustainability. produce does not travel thousands of miles to the consumer like some produce at a supermarket. According to the Farmer’s Market Coalition “Locally or regionally sources produce travels about 27x less distance than conventionally sourced produce.”
  • Farmer’s markets help strengthen communities. It’s an opportunity for people of different demographics to come together and have social encounters. You may not realize that there is potential to learn while shopping at the Farmer’s market. Whether you’re starting conversations with the farmers or other shoppers, it’s a wonderful way to learn more about farming and food.