DoorDash Home Delivery - Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in using DoorDash to serve people in our community experiencing food insecurity. Gleaners has a limited capacity to support agencies interested in using the DoorDash program. As a result, not every organization that requests to participate will be able to participate. We’ll let you know as soon as we are able when spots open up and will maintain a waiting list of interested organizations.

If yes, please describe the program including:
1. How many are served monthly
2. How is delivery currently accomplished – with volunteers, paid staff, other please describe
3. What the source of food is
4. How people qualify to receive home delivery
5. How long the program has been operating
If yes, please describe your plans including:
1. How many will be served monthly
2. What the source of food will be
3. How people will qualify to receive home delivery