Ford Motor Company Matching Donations to Gleaners

DETROIT – Ninety-five cents of every dollar donated to Gleaners Community Food Bank goes toward food and food programs. 

One in five Michigan children struggle with hunger, leading to poor nutrition and lowered performance in school.

Gleaners, a Detroit-based organization, provides food to more than 500 soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters and other agencies throughout Metro Detroit. Approximately 39 million pounds of food a year is collected, providing nourishment to 171,000 children a year.

You can make it a happy, not hungry Thanksgiving for children and families in your community.

Ford Motor Company is matching all donations, dollar for dollar, making every dollar go twice as far. Normally, $1 provides three meals, but thanks to Ford’s match, $1 will provide six meals, and $10 will help Gleaners provide 60 meals.

Donations allow Gleaners to buy fresh, healthy food and food banks can purchase food at a fraction of the cost of retail. For example, Gleaners can get 19 bags of apples for the same price an average person would spend for one bag of apples. For the price of one store-bought jar of peanut butter, Gleaners can get 17 jars. For the price of one box of cereal, Gleaners can purchase 23.

Gleaners is asking the community to make sure families across Michigan have a happy, not hungry, Thanksgiving by donating today.

For those interested in donating to Gleaners, visit their website here.

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