Gleaners Food Drives Hosting a food or fund drive is easy and anyone can participate. You can host at your place of business, school, church or with other groups.

Virtual Food Drives

Virtual Food Drives are green (i.e., no boxes, no bags, no transportation costs or carbon emissions). Shopping with us feeds more people. Every dollar donated feeds a person for a day.

Traditional Food Drives

Traditional food drives provide our partner agencies with a variety of greatly needed food items that go directly on their shelves to feed others. Every 4 pounds of donated food can provide 3 meals to a hungry neighbor!

Wait a minute. I know what a food drive is but what's a Virtual Food Drive?

Gleaners leads the way in innovating new and creative ways for individuals and companies to feed their hungry neighbors.

Leveraging an ecommerce-like experience, our Virtual Food Drive system provides you or your company with a platform that raises funds without the need of bags, boxes, and trucks!

Virtual Food Drives are an easy way to engage multiple divisions within your organizations, and even provide an opportunity for "food fight" competitions between different companies!

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