Gleaners Commitment to Hurricane Relief

Dear Gleaners Team, Board and Supporters,

I’m proud of our Gleaners team every day and in many ways.  Today I’m writing to let all of you know of yet another reason to be proud – specifically the extraordinary effort we’re making to support Florida food banks as they recover from the hurricane, flooding, loss of power, etc.

We are always in touch with our fellow food banks when we learn that a crisis has happened or is imminent.  Thus we were in contact with Houston and Florida food banks when weather forecasts predicted disaster in those areas – even before Harvey and Irma made landfall.  In Houston, the immediate need was for funding so we urged supporters and those who wished to help to visit the Feeding America website to donate or find other ways to offer aid.  In Florida, the need is quite different. 

This past Tuesday, we got word that what is now needed most is expert and experienced additional staff – truck drivers, agency relations managers, distribution coordinators, and human resource experts.  On Sunday, six of our team flew to Florida to unload trucks, manage inventory, perform agency site visits, deliver product, and help manage the huge influx of human resources.  They will spend between one and two weeks in Florida on site.  Thanks to each of them for organizing both their work and home schedules to make this possible.

While thanking them, I also want to thank the whole Gleaners team for stepping up to fill the gaps at home while we send some of our team to Florida.  All of us will be donating effort to make this work out as we finish our fiscal year and keep serving our community.  I understand the sacrifices it will take and deeply appreciate the commitment of our team to do what we need to do to help when people are in need.

Thanks for being the exceptional people you are!

Onward and upward! 

Gerry Brisson
Gleaners Community Food Bank