Gleaners Named 2019 Food Bank of the Year

Gleaners is honored to announce it was named Food Bank of the Year by Feeding America!

We were recognized for courageous, adaptive leadership; strategically and innovatively driven decision making, and collaborative partnerships.

And none of that would have been possible without the support of every volunteer who packs food at our warehouses, every team member who goes above and beyond to serve the community, and every donor who generously supports us in our mission to achieve a food-secure community.

You are the real reason Gleaners is Food Bank of the Year.

Gerry Brisson, President & CEO of Gleaners Community Food Bank had this to say about the award: 

“We believe it is possible to solve hunger.

Discovering new ways to increase household impact for every dollar we spend, engaging with sectors like healthcare and education to reach food-insecure people we’ve never been able to reach before, and staying focused on the benefits of food security for the whole community are important steps along the way.

Our leadership, staff, board, donors and partners are all committed to finding and supporting client-centered programs that help us do both more and better. We appreciate the national recognition for our work in moving this vital mission to greater impact for the people we serve.”

Gleaners is changing the conversation about solving hunger in southeast Michigan through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives such as:

  • Best Food Forward: A groundbreaking school-based initiative that takes a holistic approach to solving food insecurity for children and their families.
  • Healthy Food Home Delivery: This program is in collaboration and partnership with healthcare entities in the community and brings fresh, healthy food directly to the doorsteps of chronically ill patients.
  • MILK Movement: An annual campaign that aims to provide kids with the nutritious food they need, starting with fresh milk, to grow up healthy, happy, and hopeful.
  • My Neighborhood Mobile Grocery: A weekly pop-up market bringing quality, affordable food to communities across Metro Detroit.

Dr. Phillip Knight, executive director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan, says the national recognition is not surprising.

“For those of us in Michigan, we are not surprised regarding the announcement by Feeding America to award Gleaners Community Food Bank with their highest honor for 2019.

Feeding America discovered three qualities that all of us here in Michigan already know.

First, the Gleaners team is pace setting in their programming. Their innovations in healthcare, food distribution, education, and workforce retention is setting the pace for the entire Feeding America network.
Secondly, GCFB is excellent in the execution of their programs, pilots, and priorities. These are professionals who are driven to help their hungry neighbors in the smartest best way possible and their work culture reflects these values.

Thirdly, the Gleaners team is very respectful of their relationships. CEO and President Gerry Brisson sets the example by treating others with a great deal of respect.

Whether it is their clients, community partners or co-leaders in the Food Bank Council network, everyone is treated with dignity and respect. There are other great qualities, such as their exemplary fiscal responsibility, the commitment of their board of directors, as well as the intense duty the entire Gleaners team feels to serve their communities. It is this combination of attributes that has allowed Gleaners to be named Feeding America’s Food Bank of the Year, 2019.


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