Gleaners, Kroger asking for food donations during tough times

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93 Kroger stores participating in food drive

Gleaners and Kroger are hoping you can help them feed those in need by donating food during tough times.

The two have been working together to help those that are less fortunate for the last 12 years.

While this may be a tradition for some, Gleaners spokesperson Kristin Sokul said the organization has been having difficulties getting donations.

“It’s a tough time for our neighbors. You have those heating bills and other costs that are up,” said Sokul. “Typically at this time of year, through the pandemic, we would have been getting 2.4 million pounds of food, the government donated food. And this month, we’re looking at about 225,000 pounds. So quite a significant difference, but the need hasn’t gone down.”

With the times being tough for some, Gleaners and Kroger are making it easier for those that want to help. 93 Kroger stores across Metro Detroit will allow you to donate while shopping. There will be collection sites at participating stores.

“At this time, we are in desperate need of protein. So that canned tuna canned chicken or started with peanut butter is incredibly important to us,” said Sokul. “But we also need things like pasta and cereal, oatmeal.”

Last weekend, stores in Wayne County participated in donating goods.

For a list of all upcoming Kroger Food Drive locations, click HERE.