The Harold and Kay March Match

A Legacy of Ending Hunger

About Harold and Kay

Harold and Kay grew up with very little. They were born at the start of the Great Depression and saw, firsthand, how hunger adversely affected the lives of their friends and neighbors.

They worked hard their whole lives - and years later - began dedicating themselves to ensuring members of the community could eat healthy meals.

That's when Harold and Kay began partnering with Gleaners: Recognizing Gleaners' ability to get food into the hands of struggling individuals meant the possibility of improving countless lives throughout our community.

That was eight years ago.

Fast forward to today, and though Harold and Kay have both passed, their family continues in their promise to double the impact of all donations made during the month of March, up to $100,000.

Much like Harold and Kay dedicated their lives to making sure hungry men, women and families in the community had access to healthy meals, we dedicate every day to delivering on that same promise.

Today, with the uncertainty from supply chain disruptions and the rising costs of groceries, thousands of seniors in Southeast Michigan with limited income are genuinely struggling. Now more than ever, you can help fill empty plates with nutritious food.

That's why we invite you to support Harold and Kay's legacy, by giving a gift, or participating in our 2022 Spring into Action: Food Fight!

Together, we can honor Harold and Kay, and feed hungry families throughout our community.

Donations will be Matched for the 2022 Spring into Action: Food Fight

Your company or group can join in on a friendly competition against other organizations to raise the most meals.

Participation in this event will be both fun and rewarding, and Gleaners is here to help make it easy! We will provide a Virtual Food Drive link for online donations and eBlasts you can send out to employees.

Because the 2022 Spring into Action: Food Fight is taking place during The Harold & Kay March Match, every dollar donated, up to $100,000, will have double the impact for our hungry neighbors! Get more details by clicking below: