Improving the Lives of the People We Serve

Single parents, grandparents raising their grandchildren, seniors on a fixed income, individuals and families struggling to move past unexpected crises; these are the people we serve. Their backgrounds vary and their stories are vast, changing over the years as environmental conditions evolve. Gleaners’ focus and strategic direction continues to evolve as well, taking into consideration changes in economy, technological advances, and as we learn more and more about the people we serve.

How do we ensure that the efforts of the organization today will lead to the next threshold of food security tomorrow? One of the ways that we do so is by establishing an organization-wide focus on the consumer. We must invest in our partner network and build sustainable programs and food distribution models.

This strategic direction has led to current initiatives that link health to food security and the importance of building community partnerships between winning stakeholders like healthcare organizations and insurers that are invested in reducing healthcare costs and improving the health in the populations they serve, as well as organizations working to improve access to healthy food. Furthermore, this direction highlights the importance of strengthening Gleaners’ partner agency network, establishing significant lines of feedback, and helping to provide the best product options, with a focus on nutrition and balanced meal solutions.

With community support, collaboration, and a disciplined approach, we will hit the next threshold of food security. We are excited to start the next 40 years with a strategic direction that will not only allow us to reach more households with the food that they need, but also maximize the value that we provide with every interaction.

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