Mow Down Hunger in Classrooms and Homes Across Southeast Michigan 

Hunger shouldn’t get in the way of children learning 

For 12 years, the Mow Down Hunger matching gift campaign has played a critical role in providing 1 million meals to kids returning to school. Every school in Southeast Michigan has kids who struggle with hunger. Feeding America projects that 1 in 5 children in Gleaners’ five-county service area may not have enough to eat.

Students have had their school routines disrupted during the continued COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s even more important to make sure children have nutritious food so hunger doesn’t get in the way of learning.

Gleaners is working strategically with school districts to employ a variety of distribution models to best serve children and their families. With your help, we can make sure kids in Southeast Michigan have the nutritious food they need to grow healthy minds and bodies. 

Weingartz, a Michigan-based and family-owned provider of outdoor power equipment, has stepped up again this year to match your donation – dollar-for-dollar – during the Mow Down Hunger Campaign up to 1 million meals! Every dollar given provides SIX meals for kids and their families.

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Working to Meet the Need

Two words that should never go together: children and hunger.

Hunger affects more than 300,000 children in Southeast Michigan, who typically eat two of their three daily meals at school for free or at a reduced cost. Due to the disruptions in education brought on by the pandemic, the average child in the U.S. has lost between five and nine months of learning – and for some, up to a year. The challenges are even greater for kids who are hungry and may struggle to concentrate in class and fall behind academically. According to Feeding America, 50% of children facing hunger will need to repeat a grade.

When kids have nutritious food to eat, they earn better grades, are absent from school less, and have improved memory. This is where Gleaners, through the support of donors like you, steps in:

Emergency Food Distribution Sites:
Gleaners operates drive-through emergency distribution sites to remain a reliable food source for families continuing to struggle. These sites offer balanced nutrition – including fresh milk, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and shelf-stable items.

Picking up food at a mobile distribution

School Food Mobiles:
Gleaners’ School Food Mobile monthly program serves schools and Head Starts through more than 60 distribution sites, providing nutritious, healthy food to students and their families. Each School Food Mobile site supplies 75-100 families with up to 30 pounds of wholesome food.

Gleaners’ emergency food distributions and School Food Mobile sites are strategically located throughout our five-county service area to meet children, families, and others where they are, addressing the greatest areas of need.

Our Carrier Truck in Action!