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Eating Smart When Eating Out

By Josh Elliot | May 21, 2024

Eating out is a popular way for socializing with our friends and family. Also, many people chose to eat out when they may not have time to cook for the…

Pruning Tomato Plants

By Josh Elliot | May 14, 2024

By Olivia Barrera – Gleaners Nutrition Education Team Growing your own tomatoes is one way to savor the flavor of a Michigan summer. Home grown, vine ripened tomatoes are savory, sweet,…

Choose the Farmer’s Market this Season!

By Josh Elliot | May 7, 2024

With the return of the warm weather, farmer’s markets are also returning. Here in Metro Detroit, there is an abundance of markets all around. There are some great reasons why…

Food Dates and Safety 

By Josh Elliot | May 1, 2024

By Laura Ritacco, RDN and Klair Urbin – Gleaners Nutrition Education Team  We’ve all seen them on packages at the grocery store: Use-by, best- by, and sell-by dates. But have…

Choosing Canned Foods: Nutrition Meets Convenience  

By Josh Elliot | April 25, 2024

By Klair Urbin – Gleaners Nutrition Education Team  There is a common misconception that canned food is always less healthy than fresh fruits and vegetables. This comes from the fact…

The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

By Josh Elliot | April 23, 2024

By Julie Thomas – Gleaners Nutrition Education Team             Omega-3 fatty acids are the key to a healthier heart, a more focused mind, and overall provide for optimal bodily function. Learn…

Kids Snack Hacks

By Josh Elliot | April 9, 2024

By Hannah Stafford – Gleaners Nutrition Education Team Looking for healthy snack ideas you can throw into kids’ lunchboxes, give them after school or grab on the go? Pack more nutrition…

Can Processed Foods be Part of a Healthy Diet?

By Josh Elliot | March 26, 2024

Most foods are processed – changed, prepared or packaged – in some way before we eat them. They fall somewhere on a spectrum from minimally processed (like salad mix, bagged…

Eat the Rainbow: Embracing Your Health with the Mediterranean Diet

By Josh Elliot | March 12, 2024

By Julie Thomas – Gleaners Nutrition Education Team             The Mediterranean diet has grown in popularity, not only for its delicious foods but also for its array of health benefits. This…

National Nutrition Month

By Josh Elliot | March 5, 2024

By Laura Ritacco, RDN  – Gleaners Nutrition Education Team Every year, as we start our transition from the cold winter months into the warmer, sunnier days of spring, everyone is…

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