Help Gleaners Feed the Future!

All Gifts, Up to 1 Million Meals, Doubled through May 7, 2024

"What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question we often ask kids, who have their whole lives ahead of them. The first step to achieving their dreams is success in school – but kids need access to healthy food every day to do their best.   

Unfortunately, far too many kids in our community are at risk of missing out on the meals they need to thrive. Right here in Southeast Michigan, more than 316,000 students may not have enough nutritious food to eat. 

During the Powered by Food campaign, your donation to Gleaners will go TWICE as far toward helping kids get the food they need to achieve their dreams! Thanks to a generous match incentive from PNC Bank, Delta Air Lines, TNG Worldwide, Kroger and other generous sponsors, every $1 you share becomes $2 – enough to provide 6 healthy meals.  

Hunger exists in every community and every school. Help Gleaners share the most important school supply: nutritious, wholesome foods to power kids’ growing minds and bodies!  

“You can get strong when you eat healthy foods,” says first-grader Maurica, who loves bananas and strawberries and dreams of someday becoming a singer. “All of the kids should get healthy food!”  

Your donation to Gleaners, doubled up to 1 million meals until May 7, will ensure kids get the healthy foods – like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and fresh milk – they need to grow, play, and excel!  

Your gift to Powered by Food will help Gleaners Feed the Future by setting students up to succeed. Fifth grader Tamiya plans to become a doctor someday. She knows that when kids are fed, they can perform better in school and have improved educational outcomes.  

Tamiya says, “Healthy food helps your body grow and makes you smarter. If you have healthy food in the mornings, then you can listen to your teacher, and pay attention, and have a better day – and all kids should have that!”  

Let’s make sure hunger doesn’t hold kids back. Together, we can build bright futures for thousands of local students who have dreams like Maurica and Tamiya through our strong network of nearly 400partners, including food pantries, schools, shelters, and other agencies, along with our own mobile food distribution sites.   

Please give generously today and make a powerful investment in the lives of local kids!  

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