Witch’s Hat Brewing Company

Our story begins with a Bat. Instead of seeing the Bat as a symbol we should fear, we trusted our bat to be a symbol of re-birth, intuition, dreaming and vision. Bats are nurturing and in tune to the sensitivity of others within their group. Bats are the Guardian of the Night. Bats are the symbol of the end of a way of life and the start of another. Trust your instincts, follow your bat.

In 2010, like many others in Michigan, we lost our jobs. Both of us. At the same time. We had just welcomed our first baby into the world. The job market was terrible. Money was running out.

One night, a bat flew into our living room, what we now can see as a positive omen. It was shortly after that we scraped every last penny together and took a gamble on our dreams. Being unemployed and getting an SBA loan was hard, most said it would be impossible.

We fought, and we made it.

We take pride in the craft we have a passion for. Being a gathering place and giving back is a huge part of who we are and a symbol of our gratitude for the community that embraces and supports us. Everything is connected.

Luck brought us our Bat and it is our mission to spread the symbol of the Bat onto you.

Thank you for indulging in our dreams, sharing our visions and most of all, for keeping us happily employed.


 – Ryan and Erin

601 S. Lafayette
South Lyon, MI United States


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