Whole Foods Uses Singing Voices to Help Solve Hunger During the Holidays

Gleaners will receive $1,900 in wholesome food for neighbors in need thanks to the generous support of Whole Foods Market’s Choir for Hire program in December.

Local choirs, musicians, and vocalists gave 24 unplugged performances every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in December at Whole Foods Market Michigan locations to benefit 3 local food pantries, including Gleaners. Thanks to their musical talents, Gleaners will be receiving a wish list of items totaling $1,900. For every hour of music performed in stores, Whole Foods Market offered $50 in food to local food pantries. On top of that, Whole Foods Market matched that for $50, for a total of $100 for each of the performances.

“Whole Foods Market supports the communities in which we live and do business.  Supporting Gleaners Community Food Bank through our Choir for Hire program is just one example of the numerous outreach programs our stores support throughout the year. Our Whole Food Market Michigan locations have supported Gleaners for years and we will continue to find new and innovative ways to support them and our communities,” says Dawn Danhausen, Michigan Marketing Team Leader.   

Gleaners was also the One Dime at a Time beneficiary at Whole Foods Market Metro Detroit locations from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31; we are awaiting the total dollars raised.

Thank you to Whole Foods Market for your support in our mission to end hunger in